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Contact Centers play a crucial role in allowing organizations to differentiate their products and services, as well as maintain customer loyalty. The contact center agent’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively has a staggering impact on customer satisfaction and retention. Due to intense competition, internet commerce, weakening customer loyalty and an abundance of choices, call centers must achieve high levels of customer satisfaction to remain competitive.

Simply put, if American and Canadian customers can’t understand your agent’s speech or the call takes longer because of communication barriers, the customer likely won’t be satisfied. The EnunC8 program will provide your agents with the tools to improve the clarity of their English and will teach them how to speak closer to the American Business and Cultural Style. Our intense program can be utilized during the onboarding process and beyond for continuing education and ongoing improvement of communication skills.

Because our sole focus is working with contact centers, BPOs, and KPOs, our programs have been developed specifically for this industry. This means that all training focuses on business words, terms, and phrases that your agents and employees would utilize while speaking with American and Canadian customers.  The EnunC8 program is also recommended for the organization’s executives who want to improve the clarity of English for international business purposes.

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