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Business English

Business today knows few international boundaries. Regardless of location or culture, business men and woman recognize the importance of having a strong understanding of Business English in order to effectively conduct business in English speaking countries. The study of Business English allows for a strong business acumen that is essential for negotiations, presentations, meetings, emails, report writing, and networking. The Webster Dictionary defines Business English as: 1. “English as used in business, specifically: the study and practice of composition with emphasis on correctness, propriety, spelling, punctuation, and the forms of business correspondence.” 2. “English as taught in non-English-speaking countries in courses that emphasize its commercial rather than its cultural importance and that are normally designed to produce conversational fluency within a limited vocabulary.”

Business English

The EnunC8 program teaches call center, contact centers, BPOs and KPOs agents and employees how to speak English with greater clarity and closer to the American cultural and business style.  Our program focuses on Business English terms, phrases, and sentences. It is vital that as your agents and employees develop their Business English, they deliver their new vocabulary with clarity and precision.

The EnunC8 program is also recommended for busniess executives who want to improve the clarity of their English. If an executive is negotiating a contract, delivering a presentation or conducting a meeting but his or her communication partner(s) cannot understand them, then what is the purpose of having strong Business English skills? The EnunC8 program will allow international business executives to deliver Business English with improved enunciation and closer to the Amercian cultural and business style.

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