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Modify or Reduce Your Accent

If you have reached this website, you are probably considering accent modification services for your contact center, call center, BPO or KPO. You have likely conducted a google search and may be a bit confused about the various terms and whether accent modification is a possibility. Perhaps you have googled the following words such as, “Accent Modification services for call centers,” “Learn American Accent,” “Accent Coach for call centers,” or “English Pronunciation Practice,” in search of more information.

Accent Modification

According the American Speech and Hearing Association, “Accent modification is an elective service sought by individuals who want to change or modify their speech patterns. Accents are variations in the execution of speech characterized by differences in phonological and/or prosodic features that are perceived as different from any native, standard, regional, or dialectal form of speech (Valles, 2015). Accents are marked by variations in speech-sound production, prosody, rate, and fluency (Celce-Murcia, Brinton, & Goodwin, 1996). These linguistic variations may affect intelligibility; however, one can have a noticeable accent and still be clearly intelligible.”

Accent Coach

If you are looking for an Accent Coach who specializes in accent modification for contact centers, call centers BPOs or KPOs, it is important to research the educational background and experience of your potential Accent Coach. Accent Coaches can be Speech-Language Pathologists, Linguists, Actors, or other individuals who developed an interest in accent modification.

Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

At EnunC8, all accent modification programs have been created by a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist.

Why is this important?

Obtaining an Accent Coach to perform accent modification is an investment in the future of your organization. You deserve an American Accent Coach with the proper educational background and experience in order to reach optimal results. A certified Speech-Language Pathologist has obtained advanced education (Master’s degree) and extensive experience in modifying speech patterns including articulation, intonation, word, and syllable stress.

Does accent modification work? Can your call center agents learn to speak English with greater clarity and closer to the American culture and business style?


Accent Reduction

Anyone can reduce their accent and learn to speak with greater clarity and confidence. The most important factor is that your agents have the desire and motivation to do so. The EnunC8 accent modification program was developed specifically for overseas call centers, contact centers, BPOs and KPOs, employing the following areas of focus: pronunciation, intonation, syllable, and word stress.  In addition, our accent modification programs teach common American sayings (idioms) and other important aspects of the American culture. 

American Accent

The EnunC8 accent modification program will teach your call center, BPO or KPO agents and employees to speak English with greater clarity and closer to the Amercian cultural and buisness style. Our programs are created specifically for overseas call centers, contact centers, BPOs and KPOs. Why does this matter? Because our program instructs your agents, and employees how to speak closer to an American accent while working on words, phrases, and sentences that are utilized in business.  The EnunC8 accent modification program was created for the onboarding process and beyond, allowing for continued education for your call center agents.  

Successful Accent Modification

To obtain your greatest success with accent modification, it is essential that your call center agents practice their new skills on a daily basis to develop new motor patterns and develop new habits. Your agents will be supplied with tools and tasks that you will work on daily to help them solidify their new speech patterns.

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